Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GINA alive?

$80 million of tax payers money has gone towards keeping the Government Information Agency on a saline solution.

The outfit now run by an 'actor' Neaz Subhan and pedophile Kwame McKoy is suppose to be the mouth piece of the government.

But has it been the mouth piece of the government and the many offices it seeks to serve in the past few years?

Well that answer can be better be answered in this statement of FACT.

The Government Information Agency better known as GINA is really non existent as the PR front for several government ministries.

FACT is several ministers and ministries have preferred to employ their own Public Relations Officers to hand out the fame sheets on their dailies runnings around.

Public relations officer? Priya Manickchand has the entire firm of Tagman on contract when she wants to go Public.

Now we wonder how much is that contract.

Ask yourself, is GINA still serving its purpose?

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  1. The Laws of Guyana Chapter 8:01, Section 318 establish Treason to be: “Any person owing allegiance to the State who, whether in Guyana or elsewhere: (a) forms an intention to levy war against the State or to overthrow the government or the Constitution of Guyana by force and manifests such intention by any overt act or; (b) adheres to the enemies of the State by giving them aid or comfort, shall be guilty of treason and liable to suffer death by hanging.”