Monday, December 20, 2010

Bitta Sweet

The Greatest Betrayal on the Labour Front in Guyana has to be the PPP's betrayal of the Sugar workers.

The Jagdeo led administration has smashed everything that Cheddi and Janet Jagan among others worked for in recognizing sugar workers and their contribution to this country.

Jagdeo wouldn't know anything about struggling or fighting for the rights of workers having been handed the Presidency of this country on a platter neither have he experienced the struggle associated with these people. He wouldn't know that struggle if it knocked on his $300m home tomorrow. But, the PPP stance on the workers fight for their wages and salaries is a mockery of what has been fought for over these decades.

Just as the workers are struggling to have their wages and salaries increased to a level they can live on the Jagdeo led administration as forced the company to do many things.

Contrary to belief, the Carbon Puppet Jagdeo is not playing the good guy as he makes himself out to believe in this Guysuco/GAWU quarrel.

If the press reports of recent are correct the Company is actually thinking of derecognising the UNION, at this point the President steps in like the "GOOD GUY" and says NO WAY WILL THIS HAPPENS"

Like the joke it is, little do Sugar Workers know when they took a week long strike action, It was the HEAD OF STATE himself who asked that COMPANY say it was out of MONEY to pay them, hence the company's announcement that they will be paid the following week.

As tough as managing this country may sound, Jagdeo knows a few things about 'jooking' the books, accountability is NOT one of the things Jagdeo will ever be created for in the history of this country.

Fine we all know that the company is catching its ass to put itself on the feet, but Jagdeo isnt thisa good time for a bail out?!

The PPP as a government is spending TOP money on several other schemes, lending monies to hoteliers, going into joint ventures, Hydro power, a internet cable, there will be Carbon Credit, not to mention the well hidden away LOTTO FUNDS.

WHY NOT A BAILOUT for the Sugar Company then??!

Whats so wrong for a few extra dollars to do this way into something this nation is so largely 'dependent' on.

Why isnt the PPP and Jagdeo throwing their monies this way and invest in sugar, invest in the workers?!!

There must be a missing piece of the puzzle that we are not getting!!!!


  1. The recent announcement by the President to grant the hard working sugar cane workers of this country 5% despite of the financial turmoil the industry is in as a result of the EU price cut…..has proven that this administration indeed has a truly working class ideology and has the interest of the working class citizens on its front burner…..long live the working class ideology…long live the present administration… .long live Guyana

  2. the recent announcement of 5% shows that he is heartless you jackass would you take a taxable 5% on your less than $25000 guyana dollars salary, ask Jagdeo if he will do the same.
    where is the damn EU money they applied for $600 million to boost up the damn suga industry. Try that you damn jack ass