Thursday, July 9, 2009

Norton invokes a kangaroo and brings PNC into disrepute

Norton of the PNC has invoked the old PNC god of kangaroo (kangaroo court, kangaroo election, kangaroo everything). He will now be tried by his peers (all kangaroos) in the PNC's kangaroo court. May the kangaroos bless Norton.

Meanwhile, he has vehemently denied that he has brought the PNC into disrepute. This shocking denial comes at a time when the PNC needs no help in being of poor repute. To Norton's credit, teh PNC needs no help to get worse...they are doing so naturally by just being!

Also, Norton forgets when he started the run into disrepute from his days as a creature of Hoyte.

As we commented before, the PNC (always in disrepute) is wallowing in the pits of disgust, dishonesty and disappearance. Their next name change will be PNCD (instead of PNCr). Their future has disappeared. All they will ever be is a bitter part of Guyana's sad history.

Sadly, Guyana loses again.

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