Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guyana Government cannot account for BILLION$ - Part II

Following our earlier blog in which we were contending that Government misappropriated over 100 million US Dollars in 2007 (cannot give account for it); other reports have been seen about the Health Ministry and Education Ministry financial irregularities.

The overall fraud and irregularities that have been exposed leaves us breathless. Shame on our Government! Shame on our Parliament! Shame on the opposition!

Is it time that we petition international agencies to investigate what is happening in Guyana. Cheddi Jagan cried to the world during the days of dictatorship. Who will cry out now?

Recap of the details on the Min of Education financial irregularities. For the previous blog on the >US$100million see link.
Min of Education: “failure to recover several millions of dollars in overpaid salaries, bank accounts with overdrafts of millions not being reconciled and overpayments to contractors among others.”
The failure to recover the overpaid salaries might be forgiven (though it is not right) since those who left the service also left the country. However:
- $78 million - bank account was overdrawn
- $4.3 million – outstanding ‘transactions’
- $2 million paid for questionable contract for TV ads (who is Ross
Enterprise?) – “All attempts to trace
this firm have been futile.”

- 1,146 teachers allegedly not registered for social security (NIS)
- $32 million overpaid to contractor (who?) for President’s College.
- $2 million paid for text books (to whom?), no books received.
- $23 million spent supposedly for Berbice Campus – no supporting documentation.

Guyana continues to despair as the powers that be continue to sweep every scandal under the carpet – and every of it financial irregularity takes place brazenly. Who will hold them accountable?

The question we have is with all this blatant corruption, why is this nation so silent?

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