Monday, February 13, 2012

A new dispensation?

A New dispensation in Parliament and a chance for people to demand more of these politicians. For ages a non working Integrity Commission and Police and Judical Service Commissions.

The lack of a proper Integrity Commission, one which is still directed by the Head of the Presidential Secretariat and one still directly funded by the Office of the President has contributed to the in proper conduct of officials allowing them to habour hundreds of millions on dollars in assets and businesses around the world.
For instance, the Former President has been able to build a multi million dollar home even after he has already set himself up restaurants and apartment buildings in the United States. But he isnt the only one opposition politicians are taking their share of the pie too, small pies of course, nothing compared to the bug wigs of the present administration. For instance many of them are getting themselves into mining. I guess we will hear less of them about the ills of this sector.
But it can only be the lack of a functioning Integrity Commission that would see the Housing Minister setting himself up a nice lil mansion in the West of the Demerara River. We have all heard at one time or another of these guys bug spending and investment, about deals and cut backs but sometimes the actual revelation is much more shocking than we expect. There has been much speculation about how Ali got his money to build his home, but it comes as no surprise that people like Ali benefit from special arrangements from well known contractors and home building retailers. Ali could better explain how after selling hundreds of acres to National Hardware he was casually meeting the owner for drinks. But this is a norm in our society, to get the best of deals, we must know whose hands to shake. While we are on Ali, it is also quite interesting to know that the same Housing Minister now owns a Quamina street property previously owned by Guyana Times Owner Bobby Ramroop which was acquired from Tony 'sell out' Viera. The property was once the home of Evening News and is now rented by Caricom Insurance.

We mentioned the Judicial Service Commission earlier and we only did so since news of the rental of a city property has sparked attention. Of Course it is fine to rent your property but if you are the Chief Justice if you rent your property to owners of a strip club there is some serious issues with ethics here. The South Road property owned by the CJ has been recently renovated and is now the spotlight for a "brazilian strip club" as is commonly known.

We often wonder what will become of our society.

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